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Rediscovering First Love: A Sabbatical Journey of Transformation and Spiritual Renewal

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

A Couple's Sabbatical Journey: Rediscovering First Love and Embracing Divine Purpose

Reclaiming the First Love: A Sacred Pilgrimage to Divine Encounter

After dedicating over two decades of our lives to the ministry, we made a bold decision—to embark on a transformative sabbatical journey. Our primary goal during this time is to reclaim our first love, inspired by the profound words of the Book of Revelation ( Revelation 2: 1-7). We aim to rekindle the passion we once had for each other, our family, and our spiritual calling. This pilgrimage will take us to the sacred sites where we experienced divine encounters, revelations, and transformation. Join us as we venture into the deep, pure hills to bask in the divine's embrace during the tranquil moments of day and night.

Return to the Source:

Our first destination on this sacred journey is to revisit the places where our spiritual awakening took place. We will travel to the very locations where we first encountered the divine, and where revelations sparked profound transformations within us. In the midst of these serene, untainted hills, we hope to reconnect with the essence of our faith and rediscover the purity and joy that comes with our relationship with God.

Following the Footsteps of the Guru: Learning and Growing in a Metropolitan City Next, we venture into a bustling metropolitan city, immersing ourselves in an environment that provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow as disciples of our beloved Guru, Rabbi Jesus. As humble students, we will seek teachings, engage with like-minded individuals, and explore the rich tapestry of spiritual traditions that flourish within the city. Through this experience, we hope to deepen our understanding of our faith, broaden our perspectives, and cultivate a greater sense of compassion for others.

Returning to Our Servant Roots:

Our final pilgrimage takes us to the suburbs and the city where God first called upon us to serve as His faithful servants. It is here that we will revisit the pivotal moments when we embraced our ministry wholeheartedly. We eagerly anticipate reconnecting with the community, reminiscing about the lives we touched, and celebrating the transformative power of God's love. By reconnecting with our roots, we hope to reaffirm our purpose and rekindle the passion and dedication that initially led us down this path.

As we embark on this sabbatical journey, our hearts are filled with hope and anticipation. We seek to reclaim our first love—for each other, our family, and the divine calling that ignited our souls. By traversing the hills of divine encounter, the bustling city of discipleship, and the city and streets where we served, we hope to rediscover the essence of our faith and reignite the flame that once again.

This sabbatical pilgrimage is not only for our personal rejuvenation but also for the benefit of the organization we lead. We believe that divine revelations will lead to divine purposes, not only for ourselves but also for the people we lead. We strive to align ourselves with the winds of change and sail with the gentle breezes of the Holy Spirit, embracing the future that awaits us.

As we set forth on this sacred journey, we invite you to join us in spirit, supporting us with your prayers and well wishes. May our sabbatical be a time of deep transformation, renewed love, and strengthened purpose. Together, let us embrace the future that lies ahead, guided by divine revelation and driven by the winds of the Holy Spirit.

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