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Thanksgiving: Passing Rice & Salt to Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude

Thanksgiving and faith have a deep-rooted connection, and the history of Thanksgiving in America is a testament to this relationship. The pilgrims expressed their gratitude to God for the abundant harvest and shared their blessings with the native inhabitants of the land.

In this blog, we want to shift our focus towards the act of sharing, exploring how it connects us with our faith, our roots, and our family.

Places: A Visit to Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa 1772

The Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is dedicated to Saint Louis, Bishop of Toulouse, France. This mission reminds us of a man who dedicated his life to faith and service. Saint Louis, born in 1274, chose a path of humility and service, renouncing his claim to the crown and becoming Bishop of Toulouse. His story is a testament to the power of faith and selflessness.

This mission, like Saint Louis, serves as a reminder of those who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in the world.

People: Our Mothers And Their Kitchen Faith

Our mothers begin their day with a prayer before cooking rice in the heart of our home, the kitchen. This simple act sets the tone for our day.

We are immensely thankful for their education and their forward-thinking nature. Both our mothers were among the first in their village to receive an education. My mother-in-law went on to serve in Christian organizations and the church, while my mother served in the government's Public Works Department.

Their impact extended beyond their careers; it became their life mission to care for the less fortunate, widows, and orphans. Their homes were always open to others, and they raised many children who were not their own, supporting their education and providing a loving home. This influence led us to establish a children's home for orphans and needy families, a journey we have been on since 2001.

We are equally grateful for their unwavering faith, which has served as a guiding light in our lives. Their commitment to God and the lessons from their prayer life paved the path we walk today. Our prayers today echo their faith, and their struggles have become our strength. Their selfless lives are a precious gift to us.

Food: Passing on the Tradition of Gratitude

Hospitality and sharing food have always been central to our family's culture. Our mothers have always welcomed many guests to our table. Our family bonds run deep, and our roots are firmly planted. Every visit to our native land sharing meals becomes an opportunity to strengthen our community ties. We host our big family and sharing meals not only nourishes our bodies but also strengthens our connections.

As we gather around the table, we are reminded of the power of food to connect and build a sense of community. Family meals bring our loved ones closer, and social gatherings create a sense of unity in our community. The simple act of passing rice, salt, vegetables, and meat across the table is a sacred tradition.

By focusing on sharing, faith, and the simple act of passing rice and salt across the table, we can cultivate a culture of gratitude that enriches our lives and those of future generations.

Our goal is to pass on the culture of gratitude and thanksgiving to our children. We want them to understand the importance of sharing, faith, and the significance of breaking bread together. Through these traditions, we hope to create a lasting culture of gratitude that extends far beyond our own family table.

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday; it's a way of life that we can embrace year-round. By focusing on sharing, faith, and the simple act of passing food across the table, we can cultivate a culture of gratitude that enriches our lives and those of future generations.

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