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Shedd Aquarium: Teaching Kids to Fish in the Vast Ocean of Life

Shedd: Teaching our kids to become not just keepers of fish tanks but skilled fishers in the vast oceans of life

In the journey of parenting, we often find ourselves seeking opportunities to broaden our children's horizons, teaching them to become not just keepers of fish tanks but skilled fishers in the vast oceans of life. The Shedd Aquarium serves as a metaphorical window, opening our children's minds to the wonders of marine life and sparking a curiosity that transcends the confines of a small pond.

Shedd Aquarium

A Big Fish in a Small Tank:

The analogy of a big fish in a small tank resonates with the limitations of confining our children to a narrow worldview. Just as the water quality can stunt a fish's growth, restricting experiences to a fishbowl or a small pond hinders the development of a growth mindset. We aspire for our children to outgrow the fish tank mentality and embrace the vastness of the world beyond.

Mindset Beyond the Pond:

Fengshui and Vashtu fish tanks symbolize different energies and prosperity, but we aim for something more profound—a mindset that transcends the boundaries of a pond or an aquarium. By exposing our children to diverse people, places, and cuisines, we aim to instill a growth mindset. We want them to be adaptable, understanding that growth happens when they venture beyond the familiar and into the expanses of a lake and an ocean.

Shedd: Coral

A Small Fish in Aquariums:

The risk of feeling like a big fish in a small pond is mitigated when our children explore different environments. Experiencing life in various settings prevents them from overvaluing their own significance. Whether they find themselves in an aquarium or a lake, they understand the importance of continuous learning and humility.

A Learner and a Fisher:

One of the core of our parenting philosophy is to raise fishers, not mere keepers. Every new place visited and every person met is an opportunity for our children to fish for knowledge. Understanding the depth of life, the currents of society, and the behaviors of diverse cultures are the skills we want them to develop.

Beyond Tradition and Commonality:

Much like the diverse ecosystems in the ocean, society is a rich fabric of subcultures, belief systems, and lifestyles. We encourage our children to swim in this ocean, appreciating the diversity that shapes our shared humanity. Fishing for knowledge involves navigating beyond the familiar waves and exploring the depths of unique experiences.

Parenting Reflections:

As parents of three children, two sons, and a daughter, we understand the challenges and joys of raising a family. In upcoming articles, we will delve into the intricacies of parenting and share insights on navigating the waters of raising well-rounded individuals.

Shedd Aquarium: Waiting For The Dolphin Show

We want our children to swim freely, exploring its depths, fishing for knowledge, and avoiding the confinement of fish tanks and aquariums. By teaching them to be learners and fishers, not mere keepers of fish tanks and aquariums. We hope to prepare them for the vast, dynamic world beyond the small ponds and fishbowls that might limit their growth.

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