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Sabbatical: Invest In Your Wellbeing.

Rest is a gift.

As we embark on this period of sabbatical rest, renewal, rejuvenation, and reflection, we believe it will bring renewal and inspiration to all of us and our organization.

This sabbatical offers a multitude of benefits

#1 - Sabbatical Rest for Renewal

The primary and overwhelming benefit is the gift of rest. During this time, I plan to yield and surrender to God's presence, experiencing renewal as I rest, just as God rested.

#2 - Rest from Striving for Rest

Striving for sabbatical rest can be exhausting in itself. This period allows me to let go of control, to cease striving for numbers and bottom lines, and to simply rest in God's provision.

"But Sabbath is not only resistance. It is alternative. It is an alternative to the demanding, chattering, pervasive presence of advertising and its great liturgical claim of professional sports that devour all our “rest time.”

― Walter Brueggemann, Sabbath as Resistance: Saying No to the Culture of Now"

#3 - Increased Faith and Trust in God

Taking this sabbatical is an act of faith and trust in God's ability to care for me. It will deepen my trust in His wonderful provision and increase my faith.

#4 - Wholeness and Wellness

We aim to restore my soul and invest in my spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness. Immersing myself in God's creation and taking time for meditation will bring me to a place of peace.

#5 - Freedom to Walk, Run, and Workout

Without the worry of work responsibilities, I can enjoy the simple pleasure of walking, running, and working out. It allows me to focus solely on rejuvenating my body and mind.

#6 - Permission to Do Nothing Without Guilt

This sabbatical grants me the freedom to indulge in local ethnic cuisines, sip tea, learn new recipes, and simply enjoy life without constantly watching the clock. I can listen to stories, share jokes, and laugh without apology.

Sabbatical Reflection

Together, through the "Gratitude Pilgrimage," we anticipate a period of profound transformation and growth, both individually and as an organization.

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